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What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

A web designer and a web developer both play a key role in the success of a business in today’s online world. After all, having a dominant online presence is of paramount importance in the current day and age. It is unlikely you will be able to achieve this without an expert web designer and developer on your side. But, what exactly does a web developer do? Is it the same as a web designer? Or, do their roles differ?

A lot of people don’t understand what a web developer does because they confuse the role with a web designer. While developers and designers work together, they focus on different parts of the website.

Web design

Web design professionals are concerned with the appearance and ease of use of your website, ensuring the customer has an exceptional experience. Web designers will use a number of design principles to achieve a website that offers an outstanding user experience and has an aesthetically pleasing layout.

These principles tend to include the following:

  • Unity - This is the relationships between numerous parts of the website layout and the composition as a whole.
  • Consistency - Also called rhythm or repetition, this is a critical web design principle. For instance, consistent and clean navigation ensures the best user experience for your site visitors.
  • Emphasis - This means highlighting the important elements of a website so that eyes are drawn here.
  • Contrast - This is not just about contrasting colors. It can be about contrasting shapes, textures, and sizes too.
  • Balance - It is important to achieve a balanced layout. It is all about using the correct proportions.

Web development

The web developer works to achieve an outstanding customer experience too, but they do so by ensuring the technical side your website comes together smoothly. Essentially, they create applications and programs for the web, and they know how to build a site from the bottom up. This includes everything from creating custom code to developing your web page’s features.

All web developer should be experienced in client-side languages, with common examples including CSS and HTML. This is required for client-side scripting. This is the process of creating Internet apps that execute themselves in a user’s computer browser, for example, simple flash games and using cookies for the storage of data about users.

All web developers should also be experienced in database technologies, as this is a necessity for websites to work properly, as well as server-side scripting, which is needed to build the website’s backend.

Essentially, a web developer is tasked with ensuring the website is fully functioning. While the designer paints the literal picture, a web developer takes the design and breaks up all components. They’re also commonly referred to as programmers.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the differences between website design and development when you’re looking for experts in Hendersonville TN. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

If you would like more information about this form of custom web design Hendersonville TN, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

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