Website design hendersonville TN Posted on Jun 19 2019

Your Business Website Must Continue To Evolve & Grow - Hendersonville TN

Too many businesses treat their website as a one-time investment. Once you’ve got it built, that’s it done, right? Wrong. The digital landscape is ever-changing, and almost always for the better. Websites start to date more quickly than you might think, with five years being enough to make it look like a fossil compared to the latest competing startups home page.

With our experience in web design for Nashville & Hendersonville TN, businesses of all shapes and sizes, here’s why we think keeping your website design and technology up to date is so essential.

It’s going to look better

Design sensibilities change all the time. Just look back to the mid-to-late nineties of web designs if you want to ruin your eyes with garish color clashes and dense walls of text. Nowadays, it’s all about sharper visuals, bite-sized content placement, and minimalist design.

The visual identity and brand of your website are, of course, up to you, but a web design team in Hendersonville can ensure you’re using proven formats and the best quality assets to represent it.

It’s going to run better

Speed is everything, and this is only growing more important as mobile platforms are used more often to browse. Even three seconds feels like a very long time to wait when you’re flipping from page to page.

Part of updating your site is likely to involve fixing factors contributing to load times, such as image sizes, better asset management, page caching, and so on. As such, a custom web development team can make sure your site is sharpened up, buttoned up, and ready to arrive on your visitor’s screens immediately.

It’s going to be safer

With high-profile hacks and data breaches becoming an unfortunately common news item, people are growing much more aware of how to spot unsafe websites. Especially if your site is asking for any personal or financial information from them.

From choosing the right hosting provider to implementing the right security programs and software into sites built on common platforms like WordPress or Square Space, it’s worth taking a closer look at just how secure your site is now and then.

It will improve your user’s journey

Just as visual preferences change over time, so too do website usage trends. The shift to mobile browsing is a significant factor here. If your site isn’t built responsively, that could be a huge portion of your potential traffic you’re turning away.

Similarly, navigation has seen some major improvements over time, switching from elements like fixed category listings to the collapsible “hamburger menu”. By updating the user experience, you make it much easier to visitors to browse your site without feeling like they’re going on a huge trek, which makes it easier to convert them, too.

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