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We consistently send new customers to your business that are actively searching for your services on any variety of digital platforms. Our partnership networks receive highly qualified and specific leads every day, those could be delivered to you in real time.

Digital advertising is very time consuming and can be expensive. In the end, all you want is new customers. Only pay for what you receive, not all the wasted money spent on clicks that never converted.

Put Our Strengths to Work for You

Whether you're in need of a new website, a consistent flow of new customers with Google Search Ads (PPC), higher rankings on Google (SEO) or a Reputation Management system, we're here to present options and solve problems.

Hwy65 Lead Generation Agency Hendersonville TN

Most business’s today spend a large percentage of their yearly marketing budget on digital advertising. Whether that’s with Google, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other outlets out there, but in the end, all any business really wants is a consistent flow of new customers. All while analyzing reports and determining the difference between CPC, CPA, CPM and how many actual customers the money you spent brough in. Hwy65 simplifies this process for you by consistently delivering you new customers without the hassle of analyzing analytic reports and tracking down who actually clicked, and what new customer is actually from your advertising campaign.

How Does This Work?

Once you decide, that in the end all you desire is new customers and not the frustration & hassle that goes with getting them, contact us and we’ll schedule a phone meeting where we can intimately get to know your business and ideal customer. Through this process we’re going to deeply probe the inner workings of your business to understand your expertise, processes and ideal customer so we can send new customers that are a perfect fit, and deliver them in a manner that works efficiently with your current business model process.

At month encd you’ll receive a simple report that tells you the exact names, dates & times of all the customers that have contacted your business by way of Hwy65 so you can check them against your internal records to determine your exact ROI and CPCon (Cost Per Conversion), which are essential to know and determine future Lead Generation budgets in the future.

Where Do You Get Your Leads?

Hwy65 utilizes every and all available platforms when generating leads. All of our leads are incoming communications from a potential customer that is actively & currently seeking your services in your geo market. You receive the leads in real time, whether that’s by email, SMS or phone, your business model will determine this. The leads will be new customers contacting you directly, in real time by way of Hwy65.

Do You Generate Leads For My Competitors Also?

We have a very strict integrity policy here, and we will only take 1 client in a Geo area of up to 45 miles. We believe your market is yours, and we’re never going to split our loyalty by giving you and your competitor our best. We are incredibly dedicated, talented and experienced in generating new customers for businesses, and we guarantee you get ever ounce of that every day we’re working on your behalf.

Can I Select Only a Specific Service I Offer Rather Than All My Services?

Yes you can. However, the more detailed you are with ‘what a customer is’, the more expensive the lead will be. We have hundreds of leads coming in every day for services just like yours, if we have to throw a percentage of them away that come in for your geo market, because you’ve excluded this type of customer as acceptable, our costs rise which will naturally increase the end price of the new customer lead to you.

A very important point that must always be considered when talking about new customers, is the life value of that customer, as well as the initial service sold. How many times will they use you again in the future? Will they bring their family? Will they refer you to friends & family? Can you remarket them repeatedly throughout the year for additional services? These questions must be analyzed becasue after the first action with the new customer, it costs you nothing to reap all the financial rewards that can be gained through the life value of the customer.

How Many Leads Can I Get?

This will be determined by your lead criteria and geo market. If your lead criteria consists of accepting nearly all customers for most of your services, and your geo market is of descent size, then you’ll be able to receive nearly as many leads as you can handle.

How Much Does Each Lead Cost?

The cost per lead is determined by your lead criteria and your geo market. The more broad you are willing to select from a new customer, the cheaper it will be. An example of this is:
Let’s say your a dentist, and you only want new patients that want Dental Veneers and Dental Veneers only, this will be a more expensive lead than another dentist that’s willing to take all dental patients because they’re confident in their ability to make the new patient a permanent part of their practice, and possibly move their entire family dental needs to the practice, as well as future referrals. In this example, dentist #2 would pay less per lead, and earn much more over time from each patient.

Why Wait? Start Receiving Leads Today!

Give us a call and we’ll specifically discuss your business and geo market for new customers today.

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