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PPC managment agency hendersonville tn

There are numerous adverting channels you could use to get new customers to your business, but none of them deliver guaranteed results like Google Paid Search advertising does.

Google states publicly that if you spend $1 you will earn back $2, and we’ve found that statement to be very conservative, but still fun to throw around because it’s directly from the source - Google.

Put Our Strengths to Work for You

Whether you're in need of a new website, a consistent flow of new customers with Google Search Ads (PPC), higher rankings on Google (SEO) or a Reputation Management system, we're here to present options and solve problems.

Hwy65 PPC Advertising Agency Hendersonville & Nashville TN

Paid Search advertising, PPC, cannot be viewed as a ‘set it & forget it’ type of advertising for it to be successful. The data is constantly changing and the analytics are always fluttering. A good PPC Ad Manager will be able to stay on top of all the data to better optimize a campaign and maximize it’s potential - This is who we are, what we do and why we’re simply the best PPC management company in all of Middle TN.

Why Do I Need a PPC Management Company, Can’t I Do It Myself?

The quick answer is yes you can. However, unless you’re experienced with crunching analytical website traffic data, building advertising landing pages designed to convert traffic into leads and establish data benchmarks to measure the success rate of each campaign, you’re not going to be very successful. It’s common knowledge that an experienced PPC manager will spend 20-35% less on a campaign and generate nearly 50% more leads than an inexperienced manager.

Doesn’t Google Help Me Setup My PPC Account?

Again, the quick answer is yes. But Google will do this by using Google’s recommendations for your account, which are designed to make Google money, and make them as much money as possible. Oh yes, you’ll make money too, but typically at a lower percentage as you would by knowing how to advertise around Google’s recommendations. At Hwy65 we design each ad campaign to allow our client’s budgets go as far as possible - We care about your advertising dollars!

What If I Spend Money On Advertising And Don’t Make My Money Back?

This scenario is mathematically impossible when working with Hwy65 Web. When we have control of the creation of the Landing Pages and Campaigns we typically see 2-5 times return on your advertising investment. We can drive the clients to your business and let you take it from there. You and your staff are your best sales force once the connection is made.

Should I Use My Website as a Landing Page For Ads?

In very rare instances you can, but we would advise against that. Websites typically aren’t designed to convert from an ad click. It’s a very specific type of traffic source, and since you paid for that click, we need to control every element we can to turn that click into a conversion. It’s a science.

Why Wait? Start Advertising Today!

Give us a call and we’ll discuss options, strategies, and expectations. Unlock the potenital of Paid Google Search Advertising.

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