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custom website design hendersonville tn

A Professional Website Should Represent Who You Are and What You Do

Your website should be a place for more than just information - It should be your extended sales force.

Put Our Strengths to Work for You

Whether you're in need of a new website, a consistent flow of new customers with Google Search Ads (PPC), higher rankings on Google (SEO) or a Reputation Management system, we're here to present options and solve problems.

Website Design Development Hendersonville - Nashville TN

Establishing a quality web presence has never been more important.

Whether you are a start-up or a an established business looking for a re-branding strategy or new website design, we are the Hendersonville / Nashville Website Design Agency you need! We’re a Local Business Here To Serve The Local Business Owner.

Why Choose Hwy65

Exquisite Designs

Represent your business in the best possible way with 100% custom designs.

Talented Hendersonville & Nashville Website Design Team

Accomplished designers, developers and online marketers.

Beautifully Functional

Websites built for the business; designed for the user with a conversion focus.

Unique as You Are

Our web team thrives on creativity and strives to build websites that make our clients’ businesses shine.

Custom Designs To Convert

Your website should turn local web browsers into business contacts.

According To Google

75% Of Traffic Is Mobile

Our custom designs begin with the mobile phone in mind; they have become mini computers carried in our pocket or purse and usually within 12 inches from our reach. Easy navigation, push button calling and contact submission, along with quick information that fills the screen, is essential for mobile conversions.

Google Ranks Based On Mobile Speed

Google rolled out a massive algorithm change mid-2018, and it changed web design forever. Essentially, if your website does not render ridiculously fast to a mobile phone, on 3G speeds (not wifi speeds), your website will get penalized in Google’s ranking. Hwy65 designed websites routinely score in the 90%’s, while nearly all the others are in the 10-20% range. Think of test scores, which would you rather have?

Leveling The Playing Field For Local Businesses

We design with the same state of the art, cutting edge technology at remarkable speeds for our local Tennessee clients as is designed for Fortune 500 companies spending tens of thousands of dollars on their websites.

The Technology Behind What Makes Us Great

The use of cutting edge technology implemented by very talented and experienced coding engineers is what sets us apart from every other webiste design company in Hendersonville & Nashville TN.

Website Technology

A website must be super light on all browsers to load quickly, especially on a mobile phone using 3G, not wifi connection. This is the foundation of Google’s latest algorithm change in 2018. Speed to the mobile phone on 3G speed is measured by Google, and your site is ranked according to its benchmark grade. We specialize in the designing of fully dynamic, database free website technology, that renders all content to any browser, whether 3G or on wifi, whether a computer or cell phone at neck breaking speeds! Our finished sites typically score in the mid 90’s on Google’s mobile 3G benchmarking testing platform. This means your site will rank higher than your competition by simply being superior in it’s foundation, with continued rewards from Google.

Hosting Technology

Another benefit we provide 100% of our clients, is we host all our websites on CDN (Content Delivery Network) servers. This is when all your site construction is hosted in the cloud, with a cache copy sent to several different data centers across the country, and when a ‘call’ comes in for your website address, the CDN network sends the files from the closest data center to the device for the fastest delivery possible. While others think of this as a huge upgrade and out of reach, we identify it as a necessity.

SSL - Security Certificate

Your website certainly should have an SSL security certificate whether you sell products online, take payments online, or fix lawn mowers and only take payment in person. People like to know the connection to your website is secure, and Google also takes notice that you’ve taken the necessary steps to secure your connection. We give an SSL certificate to every client free of charge for as long as they are client’s of Hwy65. This is a value between $125-175 per year.

Website Examples
Mobile Website Optimization Is Our Focus

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